Just a thought... who knows if this is possible??

The Underground seems to be the way to go...Something is happening down there. I think we are being diverted from looking in the nearest place. Could Project Gasbuggy have woken something up to our existence, or do they know us of old?

Did the Dinosauroid evolve into the Grays/Lizards that experiencers say they have seen? Could the space bases be underground? All it would need are screen showing starfields and planets to confuse the experiencer.

If you watch the video above you will see the caves and rooms that housed hundreds of people. Many of the lower level caves are shut off to tourists. 

When we talk about `undergound` people alway think `Hollow Earth` I dont think that is true. Maybe parts of the earth are like a honeycombe, and and cities could be built down there. We are being diverted to think of distant stars and Planets that could support life. Why? Could these creatures/First Earthers tell us the real truth on our history?

Maybe there is a society down here, on this planet, that could help show us the way to contact anyone out there. 

Let me know what you think...